Slow control exercises

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MOD 1 slow control exercises

Practising MOD 1 slow control exercises

MOD 1 slow control exercises, within the relative safety of the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area (MMA), are designed to test a candidates balance, coordination, steering, observation and control of a motorcycles basic controls (brakes, throttle, clutch and gears). These MOD 1 slow control exercises allow the examiner to assess a riders ability to safely deal with a variety of everyday riding scenarios. For example, whilst filtering or riding in slow moving traffic – skilled slow control and coordination of these basic motorcycle controls is vital.

The MOD 1 slow control exercises are: parking-up, manual handling, slalom, figure-of-eight, slow control ride and the u-turn. Combined, these exercises allow the examiner to build a reliable picture of a candidates slow control skills and ability to proceed safely to Module Two. Of these exercises, the u-turn is commonly believed to be the most challenging.

Practice and professional motorcycle training go hand-in-hand with MOD 1 success. Test centre familiarity with these exercises is associated with higher first-time pass rates. The Module One Academy offers comprehensive MOD 1 video resources that ideally complement instructor led training and boosts candidate familiarity with all aspects of MOD 1.


Parking-up for module one motorcycle test (left)
Park-up is the first MOD 1 slow control exercise & an opportunity to ‘relax’ & loose any last minute nerves. [more]


Motorcycle manual handling & stands (left)
There are two common methods for carrying out the MOD1 manual handling exercise. [more]

Slalom & fig-8

MOD1 bike test - slalom & figure-of-eight - video (right circuit)
During slalom & figure-of-eight, it’s important to focus as far ahead as possible & not on the closest cone. [more]

Slow ride

Slow control ride (left) - module one test
The MOD 1 slow control ride assesses a candidates ability to ride safely in walking pace traffic. Looking ahead is vital. [more]


U-turn for module one motorcycle test
The u-turn simulates turning the bike around as if on a public road, with consideration for other road users and the kerb. [more]

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