Manual handling & stands

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MOD 1 manual handling & stands

Top tips - MOD 1 manual handling & stands

The motorcycle must be wheeled to the second parking bay. This can be achieved by pushing the bike back in a semi-circle or by walking the bike straight back, then forward in a semi-circle, then back into the second bay.

Do not rush. Carry out safety observations. Look in the direction of travel. Avoid parking at an awkward angle. Ensure the side stand is up before moving the bike. Use the front brake as required and don’t let the stand scrape. Nb. A side stand is easier to use than a centre stand. To carry out this manual handling exercise:

  • Take bike off stand
  • Hand on back seat & push bike backwards
  • Look in direction of travel
  • Use front brake as required
  • Ensure bike straight in second bay
  • Bike cleanly & safely on to the stand

MOD 1 Manual handling

MOD 1 manual handling & stands - Module one motorcycle test diagram

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