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MOD 1 parking-up exercises

Top tips - MOD 1 parking-up exercises

The gates will be closed and the student will be asked to ride to and the park the bike, facing the fence – in one of the two parking bays (marked by four green cones). Students are advised to think, remain calm and not to rush. Whilst the examiner may already have made some assessments, it is after parking-up that the Module One test officially starts.

Not rushing parking-up can help to settle nerves, whilst affording a little time to view the test centre, position of marker cones and to assess the ‘road’ surface. To park-up in the instructed parking bay:

  • Select 1st gear & carry out rear observations
  • Look & ride forward – riding a large arc
  • Ensure straight entry into parking bay
  • Stop. Select neutral. Engine off & bike on to stand
  • Dismount & await further instructions

Parking-up (left circuit)

MOD 1 parking-up exercise (left circuit)

Parking-up (right circuit)

Parking-up (Right circuit)

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