Slalom & figure-of-eight

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MOD 1 slalom & figure-of-eight

Top tips - MOD 1 slalom & figure-of-eight

The MOD 1 slalom and figure-of-eight exercise involves rider balance – plus good control of the clutch, rear brake and throttle. Adequate revs and a steady speed is essential. Students should keep their focus as far ahead as possible, rather than on the closest cone. The slalom is around the five yellow cones. The figure-of-eight then follows – around the two blue cones. Prior instructor-led MOD 1 slalom and figure-of-eight practice is highly advisable.

Steering wide in the figure-of-eight reduces the risk of putting a foot down. During this whole exercise, students should not use the front brake. To carry out the MOD 1 slalom and figure-of-eight:

  • Bike off stand, sit on bike & start-up
  • Select 1st gear, carry out rear observations
  • Look & ride forward using slow control
  • Look ahead as much as possible
  • Slalom between yellow cones
  • Two figure-of-eight’s around blue cones
  • Do not ride tight circles – go wide
  • When instructed, ride-out & stop
  • Select neutral & await further instructions

Slalom & figure-of-eight

MOD 1 slalom figure of eight exercise
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