Slow control ride

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MOD 1 slow control ride for motorcycle test

Top tips - MOD 1 slow control ride

This walking pace MOD 1 slow control ride further assesses a student’s balance – in tandem with their control of the rear brake, throttle and clutch. This exercise simulates the skills required to ride safely in slow moving traffic and in other slow-control scenarios. It is important to look ahead, whilst keeping the revs up, slipping the clutch and lightly using the rear brake – as required to keep the speed at a walking pace. A light grip of the handle bars, whilst gripping the tank with the knees can aid rider balance.

During the MOD 1 slow control ride, whilst the examiner will follow closely behind, the student should keep their focus ahead. Do not use the front brake. Stop the bike at the beginning of the U-turn exercise area and with the front wheel between the four blue cones. To carry out the slow control ride:

  • Select 1st gear & carry out rear observations
  • Ride forward with focus ahead
  • Ride at a walking pace
  • Use throttle, clutch & rear brake
  • Do not use the front brake
  • Approach blue cones straight
  • Stop, select neutral, await further instructions

Slow control ride (left circuit)

MOD 1 slow control ride - left circuit

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