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MOD 1 U-turn

Top tips - MOD 1 u-turn

The MOD 1 u-turn demands good balance, plus effective use of the throttle, clutch and rear brake. Starting from within the four blue cones, the rider must turn the bike around as if doing so on a public road i.e. with due care, without hitting the ‘kerb’ (white lines) and without putting a foot down. The MOD 1 u-turn must remain within the white lines, with the bike coming to a stop, adjacent to the white line (kerb) and facing in the opposite direction. The key is to keep the head up, look beyond the direction of travel and not to look down. To complete the u-turn:

  • Select 1st gear & carry out rear observations
  • Right shoulder check last (as if on the road)
  • Look forward & ride parallel to the white line
  • Midway along line, carry out a right life-saver
  • Move slightly left, look & turn to the right
  • At ‘centre’ of turn, look right & down the line
  • At end, stop adjacent to white line
  • Select neutral & await further instructions

U-turn (left circuit)

MOD 1 U-turn (left circuit)
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