Overtaking large vehicles on a motorcycle (MOD 2 test tips)

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Overtaking large vehicles on a motorcycle during module two

Being aware of the position of other vehicles wing mirrors in important

In general, during module two motorcycle training, riders are advised to use the driving lane (left-hand lane) most of the time and to only move into the overtaking lane (right-hand lane) when overtaking slower moving vehicles. This advice applies as much to overtaking large vehicles as any other vehicles.

When overtaking large vehicles, riders can experience quite severe buffeting from downdrafts, along with visual challenges caused by road spray (if it is wet). On approach, care should be taken to maintain no-less than a two second following distance (in dry conditions). Overtaking in a central position is best, as it allows more room for error. When overtaking large vehicles – such as lorries, busses, coaches and large vans, riders must always check to ensure they are visible through other vehicles wing mirrors.

Effective mirror checks and a right hand ‘lifesaver’ to move out

When moving out ready for overtaking large vehicles, ensure it is safe with regular mirror checks to gather information behind. Indicate early and let it flash at least 5-6 times to make other vehicles aware of the overtake. When it is safe, carry out a right ‘lifesaver’ to move out, cancel signal and complete the overtake. Once the overtake is complete and when clear of the slower moving larger vehicle, take a mirror check and left ‘lifesaver’ to move back in.

Key points to remember:

  • Signal early and let it flash at least 5-6 times
  • Effective mirror checks and a right hand ‘lifesaver’ to move out
  • Once clear carry out a left ‘lifesaver’ to move back in
  • Stay central in the adopted lane
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