Turning left T-Junctions

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Turning left T-junctions - mod 2 test instruction

Turning left T-junctions - also known as left turn - minor-to-major

Turning left T-junctions is commonly encountered on test. The examiner will most likely say, “at the end of the road, turn left please”. The OSMPSL routine must be used. Candidates should indicate early, slow down in plenty of time and look early into the junction, ensuring good road position and be ready to stop or ride on.

Be aware of road users trying to overtake

Candidates normally need to position slightly left, in the left wheel track but taking note of road surface problems, parked vehicles and any other hazards. Be vigilant and look out for overtaking traffic by using ongoing mirror checks as required. Once at the junction, if stationary, be aware of road users trying to overtake.

Key points to remember:

  • Known as a ‘left-turn — minor-to-major’
  • Use the OSMPSL routine on approach
  • Ensure correct position and protect road space
  • Make sure of correct speed on approach
  • Always be ready to stop at the junction
  • A car length away either look forward and stop or look in the direction of travel and ride on
  • Follow kerb line around at the junction for good position
  • When safe to do so, continue out of the junction slowly and under control

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