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Arriving test centre for MOD 2 bike test

Correct MOD 2 test centre arrival

Arriving at the test centre (fully prepared), can pave the way to a less stressed Module Two test, with a higher probability of success. Being accompanied by a local motorcycle training instructor will pay dividends by ensuring that candidates manage their test centre arrival in the best possible way.

An experienced Module Two instructor will know (on arrival), how best to park/position the motorcycle. They will ensure that the motorcycle is positioned to facilitate stress-free pre-ride checks, with good all-round access to answer the motorcycle safety questions. A correctly positioned motorcycle will minimise awkward manoeuvring, allowing the candidate to sit on and to exit the test centre in the easiest possible way.

Arriving early is wise

Candidates are advised to arrive with plenty of time to spare. This ensures that the examiner is not kept waiting and that the test is not cancelled because of late arrival. Arriving early also allows time to ask the instructor any last minute questions and carry out documentation checks. Candidates can also ensure their glasses and helmet visor are clean, use the toilet, have a last-minute cigarette, mentally prepare, positively visualise a positive outcome and generally calm their nerves.

Being accompanied by a qualified and experienced motorcycle instructor, who will give guidance on these important elements of Module Two test preparation, will, in most cases result in less stress and a significantly higher probability of a first-time Module Two test pass.

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