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Eco-safe riding

Eco-safe riding involves effective forward plannin

We all have personal environmental responsibilities – extending to the ecological impact of our riding, associated ‘consumption’ of fossil fuels and resulting carbon footprint. Whilst riding in an eco-friendly way does not form part of the Module Two test marking system, the examiner is required to assess that a candidate is riding in an eco-friendly manner and at the end of the test may offer some advice on ways to improve eco-friendly riding skills.

Key points to remember:

  • Think and use effective forward planning/observation
  • Avoid aggressive acceleration and over-revving
  • Ensure appropriate use of gears and do not rush
  • Ride smoothly and do not brake heavily

Riding in an eco-friendly way involves effective forward planning and observation, such that inappropriate use of gears and aggressive braking are avoided. Over revving the engine, particularly when stationary and pulling away, should also be avoided. If stopped for any length of time e.g. at a level crossing or roadworks, to improve fuel consumption and avoid unnecessary pollution, riders should consider turning their engines off.

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