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Module 2 documents

MOD 2 documents are required for test success

Module Two Test preparation will always pay dividends. Essential to this and to successfully passing the Module Two test is the decision to invest in sufficient professional Module Two Test tuition with a qualified motorcycle training instructor.

Candidates must also ensure they wear the appropriate motorcycle clothing and have all the motorcycle documentation when going for test. The importance of getting things right highlights another good reason not to adopt a ‘DIY’ approach to Module Two but instead to seek professional guidance from a motorcycle training school.

Failure to wear the correct protective clothing or provide the required documentation will result in the Module Two Test being cancelled and the associated test fee being forfeited

Mandatory Module Two requirements

  • Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate – in date and correctly filled out.
  • UK driving licence – valid full or provisional UK photocard driving licence. Photographs are valid for ten years. Address must be correct. For paper licence holders (no photo-card), a valid UK passport is required.
  • Theory test certificate – in-date/valid motorcycle theory test pass certificate (valid for two years)
  • Module One pass certificate – in-date/valid Module One pass certificate (same expiry date as the theory test certificate)
  • Motorcycle – must be same specification as used for Module One test. Must also be road legal, taxed, insured and with fullsized learner plates to the front and rear.
  • Be on time – there are no allowances for being late. Missing a test slot will result in a cancelled Module Two test and a lost test-fee.

Fully protective motorcycle clothing is recommended

Minimum acceptable clothing for test:

  • Motorcycle helmet – that meets current Safety Standards
  • Sturdy footwear – must support and protect ankles
  • Denim trousers – heavy denim (no holes/tears)
  • Denim jacket – heavy denim (no holes/tears), with several layers worn underneath
  • Motorcycle gloves – good quality and condition

Although it is not a mandatory test requirement, fully protective, weather appropriate and purpose made motorcycle clothing is highly recommended. Ideally, this should include leather motorcycle boots that provide a good level of ankle protection, along with armoured textile or leather motorcycle trousers and jacket. These should be worn with a motorcycle helmet (that meets current Safety Standards), plus quality motorcycle gloves and a high-visibility vest.

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