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Mod 2 examiners briefing

Candidates should already know what to expect

With sufficient practice and an adequate number of Module Two lessons, candidates should already know what to expect. Overall, 57 minutes are allocated to complete the Module Two test. Depending on the test-route, around 30-40 minutes are spent riding. Test-routes are designed to cover a broad range of road and traffic scenarios – with varying speed limits, a variety of exercises and an independent ride.

Listen carefully to the examiner

The examiner’s Module Two test briefing is succinct and to the point. General instructions include:

  • Follow the road ahead at all times, unless the examiner or road signs direct otherwise
  • Ride as independently as possible and try to forget about the examiner riding behind, who will give road directions but not riding instruction.
  • Where directions are not correctly implemented, the examiner will give corrective directions as required to return the candidate to the correct route

“Listen carefully to the examiner’s instructions and ask questions to put your mind at rest.” – Russell Binns, Motorcycle Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA)

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