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MOD 2 eyesight test

Failing the MOD 2 eyesight test is a major fault

For obvious reasons, failing the MOD 2 eyesight test is recorded as a ‘major fault’ and will result in a Module Two test fail. Glasses/contact lenses are allowed and candidates who have any doubt about their eye health are advised to arrange an opticians eye check before booking a Module Two test.

Candidates are required to read a number plate:

  • In good daylight
  • Containing letters/figures that are 79.4 mm (3.1 inches) high
  • At a distance of 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate
  • Or 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • With the aid of glasses or contact lenses (if normally worn)

Any major fault will result in a fail

Candidates who are initially unable to read a number plate will be asked to sit in the waiting room whilst the examiner measures the exact distance with a tape measure. A second attempt at the exact measured distance will then be invited. Candidates who fail the MOD 2 eyesight test on this second attempt will fail the Module Two test and lose the associated test fees.

“Don’t leave it to test day if you are unsure about your eyesight. Ask the training school to give you a practice check during training.” – Russell Binns, Motorcycle Instructor (IAM & RoSPA)

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