Module Two test faults & fails

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MOD 2 faults & fails

About MOD 2 rider faults

The examiner can allow up to ten minor faults. Any major fault recorded will result in a Module Two test failure. Minor faults are small rider errors that do not significantly impact on the road safety of the candidate, other road users or pedestrians. Example minor faults include: positional errors, late indicating and in certain circumstances, missing an observation. All faults (major and minor) are recorded at the discretion of the examiner, whose decision must always be accepted as non-negotiable.

Any major fault will result in a fail

In summary, any major fault will result in a fail. Less than ten minor faults (and no major faults) will, in most cases, result in a pass. Recorded major faults (also classed as serious faults) will be discussed/explained at the end of the test. If a fault is considered dangerous the examiner can terminate the test on the spot. If this happens, the candidate will be required to dismount and wait with their motorcycle until their instructor arrives.

Major faults include:

  • Failing the eyesight test
  • Not having the correct documentation
  • Failing to cancel a false indication
  • Failing to carry out necessary ‘lifesavers’
  • Actions that cause another vehicle to brake
  • Actions that cause another vehicle to swerve
  • Using the wrong lane
  • Failing to stop for pedestrians on a zebra crossing
  • Failing to stop at a red traffic light

Negative self-analysis can result in unnecessary stress

Candidates are advised not to keep their own private ‘score’ and to simply continue with the Module Two test, unless the examiner indicates otherwise. Negative self-analysis can result in unnecessary stress and even lead to a fail – where otherwise all was going well.

During the test candidates should relax, enjoy the ride and continue to the end, without giving up. Regardless of the outcome, the experience is always valuable. When the Module Two test has ended, the examiner will invite the candidate into the test centre office to debrief and complete paperwork.

“If mistakes are made, leave them behind. Thinking about mistakes can lead to riding problems. Ignore them and carry on.” – Russell Binns, Motorcycle Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA)

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