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MOD 2 health declaration

The MOD 2 health declaration is a legal requirement

Module Two test candidates are required to sign a health declaration that effectively ‘self-certifies’ that they are in sufficiently good health to take the Module Two motorcycle test. Driving licence holders have a legal obligation to inform the DVLA of certain illnesses and medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive or ride safely. The Module Two health declaration ensures that the examiner has clarified this aspect of a motorcycle rider’s legal responsibilities.

Aside from these legally asserted rider responsibilities, common sense dictates that good health is something that riders should take seriously. Eyesight, hearing, balance, judgement, co-ordination, muscle control etc., all contribute to safe motorcycle riding. So it’s easy to understand how certain illnesses could adversely affect road safety and could result in a driving licence being revoked.

Riders must be in good health

Key health considerations include:

  • Do not drink and drive/ride
  • Do not take drugs and drive/ride
  • Certain illnesses must be reported to the DVLA
  • You must be in good health to ride a motorcycle

Other health considerations include the consumption of alcohol and drugs (including prescription medications) and their potential to negatively impact on a rider’s ability to ride safety.

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