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Motorcycle pre-ride checks

Candidates should carefully implement all required pre-ride checks

MOD 2 pre-ride checks form an important part of the Module Two test. Following the examiners test briefing and safety questions, the candidate will be invited to sit on their motorcycle and prepare to leave the test centre. This is the candidates cue to carry out effective pre-ride checks. The examiner will then ready their own equipment and motorcycle. In most cases the examiner will be following the candidate on a motorcycle but from time-to-time examiners have been known to conduct tests from a car. This is not the normal procedure, but does happen occasionally.

During pre-ride checks candidates must not forget that the test has already started and the examiner is watching. As taught by their motorcycle instructor, candidates should carefully implement all required pre-ride checks and even before reaching the road, they should be mindful of the potential for rider faults.

Too commonly, candidates rush

With pre-ride checks, small things can make a big difference. The candidate should have the bike key to hand and should locate this in the ignition before putting on their gloves. Too commonly, candidates rush and find themselves sat on the bike, gloves already on, but with the keys still in their pocket. Such things result in delays and unnecessary stress with the potential for other problems and minor faults.

Once on the bike, the side stand should be immediately stowed away, as the motorcycle could otherwise cut-out when first gear is selected. With the keys in the ignition and the side stand up, the rider should then adopt the safety position prior to starting the motorcycle. A visual check that the engine cut-out switch is in the correct position is also required.

Before riding off and in case they have moved, candidates are advised to re-check mirror position. With the engine started the examiner will give a radio check and allow the volume to be adjusted if required. During the remainder of the test, further volume adjustments are also possible.

With pre-ride checks complete, the examiner will direct the candidate to ride out of the test centre to commence the Module Two Test.

“Take your time and don’t rush. The examiner is not looking for a fast test time.” – Russell Binns, Motorcycle Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA)

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