Residency declaration

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MOD 2 residency declaration

Only UK residents can complete a MOD 2 bike test

Only UK residents are entitled to complete a UK motorcycle test (including a Module Two test). As such, all Module Two test participants are required to read and sign the residency declaration before starting their test. Signing this residency declaration has significant legal implications and should not be done fraudulently.

Key points to remember:

  • Ensure you read, understand and sign the declaration
  • Do not fraudulently sign a residency declaration
  • If there is any doubt, the test may be cancelled

This declaration refers to the location of normal residency i.e. where there are personal and occupational ties. For those who have moved to the UK from another European Country or European Economic Area, a driving test should not be sought unless there have been 185 days of UK residency during the last 12 months. If the examiner is in any doubt regarding a candidate’s residency, they will cancel the test, pending proof/evidence of residency.

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