Motorcycle safety questions (MOD 2)

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Motorcycle safety questions

Motorcycle safety checks are extremely important to road safety!

Motorcycle safety checks are extremely important to road safety! Riders need to get to know their motorcycles well so that faults can be spotted early and before developing into more serious problems, especially ones that can negatively impact on rider safety.

Before starting the road-ride aspect of the Module Two test, the examiner will ask a series of ‘show me, tell me’ motorcycle safety questions. These specific questions are available on the DVSA website and are covered in detail during Module Two motorcycle training with professional training schools, ensuring that learner riders are prepared for their test and know how to fully check their own motorcycle.

Key points to remember:

  • Learn the ‘show me, tell me’ questions
  • Learn how to look after a motorcycle
  • Understand what each check is for
  • Motorcycle training will cover these questions in detail

“The chain should be checked at its tightest point (ask your trainer for more information) and ensure the oil/chain lube does not go onto the rear tyre.” – Marcus McCormick, IAM & RoSPA Examiner.

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