MOD2 motorctcle training overview

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Module Two overview

Module Two overview

Module Two (MOD2) is the ‘on-road’ aspect of the two-part practical motorcycle test and is facilitated through designated DVSA test centres throughout the UK. Following on from Module One, the Module Two motorcycle test is structured to assess that riders are sufficiently skilled to ride confidently and safely in commonly encountered road and traffic conditions. Module Two also assesses a riders practical understanding of the Highway Code and how to safely deal with a variety of road hazards.

Whilst Module Two test routes may vary, the test criteria follows the exact same format throughout the UK and with professional Module Two motorcycle training, can be fully prepared for. Starting from the test centre the Module Two test takes around 50 minutes, during which time the examiner will assess the students riding in as many different scenarios as possible. This includes a ten-minute independent ride, where candidates are asked to follow traffic signs or a series of directions.

Although the Module Two test can be booked directly via the DVSA, it is advisable to book through a local motorcycle training school, in conjunction with an appropriate amount of professional Module Two training. Qualified motorcycle instruction results in better prepared, more confident, significantly safer and more skilled learner riders – with higher first-time pass rates and less overall cost.

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