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Pillion safety questions for MOD 2 test

The examiner will ask pillion safety questions

Along with the ‘show me, tell me’ motorcycle safety questions, there is a Module Two test requirement to understand how a motorcycles balance can be affected by carrying a pillion. The examiner will ask one or two pillion safety questions regarding the road safety considerations of carrying a pillion passenger. These additional pillion safety questions are usually asked at the beginning of the Module Two Test.

Example pillion passenger safety questions:

  • How would the motorcycle balance be affected by carrying a pillion passenger?
  • How should a pillion passenger be carried?
  • What problems could arise when carrying a pillion passenger?
  • What advice should be given to an inexperienced pillion passenger?

TIP: Always invite your passenger to get on and off, so that you are ready and can maintain balance and stability.

Key points to remember:

  • Cover these questions early to get familiar with the answers
  • Practice frequently and not just the night before
  • A quick response to questions can get the test off to a good start
  • Sufficient Module Two Test training should ensure full preparation

Failing to demonstrate an understanding of the balance and safety impact of carrying a pillion passenger may result in rider faults being added to the marking sheet, although this will not be advised until the very end of the test. Sufficient Module Two Test training with a qualified instructor should ensure that the safety questions are fully briefed and prepared for.

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