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Awareness & planning

Awareness and planning skills are progressive

Awareness and planning skills are progressive, tending to improve with experience and further motorcycle training. Novice riders tend not to look far enough ahead with good forward vision, but instead spend too much time looking at their motorcycle controls and at the road directly in front of their motorbike.

During the Module Two test, most situations a candidate finds themselves in are dependent on good vision, awareness and planning. The examiner will be assessing this and that the candidate is looking far enough ahead, whilst using effective rear observations and ‘lifesavers’.

Candidates must use all-round observations

Key points to remember:

  • Always look and plan sufficiently ahead
  • Good vision and all-round observations are essential
  • React early and in plenty of time
  • Be aware of cyclists, children and horse riders
  • Consider personal ability, weather and traffic condition

Candidates must use all-round observations to be aware of their surroundings, the road ahead, potential hazards and other road users. This progressive awareness allows ongoing planning, through judging and anticipating what others are doing and taking appropriate actions to remain safe. Candidates must look sufficiently ahead to be able to deal with potential hazards in good time.

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