Clearance & obstructions

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Clearance & obstructions

Obstructions include parked cars, road works & oncoming vehicles

Obstructions include parked cars, road works, oncoming vehicles, open car doors, pedestrians, horses and anything else that hinders normal road position. Clearance is the safe space and distance created by a rider to minimise risk, whilst maintaining safe and controlled progress.

Where there are obstructions, the examiner needs to see good forward and rearward observations, along with good judgement, positioning, appropriate use of speed and adequate clearance around the obstruction. Such action may require a move into the oncoming lane, with good accompanying forward planning to ensure no oncoming traffic and a safe route back to the correct position. Such a manoeuvre would demand a ‘lifesaver’ observation before moving out

Obstructions are common on MOD 2 test routes

Key points to remember:

  • Look and plan well ahead
  • Use good all-round observation
  • Ensure adequate clearance from obstructions
  • Use effective mirror checks and lifesavers
  • Look for people walking between vehicles
  • Horses need extra room and low engine noise

Most test routes include roads where obstructions are common and manoeuvring to clear obstructions correctly is essential. A local Module Two training provider will prepare candidates to deal safely with challenging local situations.

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