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Judgement whilst riding a motorcycle

Examiners look for good judgement

The examiner will be assessing how well a candidate judges movement, speed and available space in relation to other road users. Use of all-round observation, forward planning and judgement are vital skills in making the correct decisions to avoid danger.

The examiner will be looking for good judgement when passing or overtaking and that plenty of room is allowed with consideration given to car doors that might open, oncoming vehicles and road space for a safe return back into position.

Crucial to all judgement is good all-round observations

Filtering is an uncommon test requirement at most test locations, but requires similar judgement decisions to passing stationary vehicles

Key points to remember:

  • Stop if unsure, always be safe
  • Always allow plenty of room
  • Do not squeeze through small gaps
  • Always plan a safe return space
  • Use good all-round observation
  • Don’t take risks

Crucial to all judgement is good all-round observations and the examiner will expect to see ‘lifesavers’, mirror checks and rear observations when required. Good judgement is also crucial in manoeuvres that involve crossing the path of other vehicles e.g. turning right into a side road.

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