Maintaining progress on a motorcycle (MOD 2 test advice)

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Maintaining progress

Maintaining progress requires good observation

Maintaining progress requires good vision, planning and use of speed. Too much speed, especially approaching junctions and in traffic, can result in poor progress, excessive braking or stopping and potential road safety issues. The examiner will assess use of speed, slow control, observation and planning in respect of how the candidate maintains their progress throughout the test route. Not maintaining good progress can result in both minor and/or major faults being recorded.

Practice & training are crucial

Candidates will need to understand the difference between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ junctions, plus how to correctly approach and look early into junctions. Practice is crucial and candidates are encouraged to seek adequate professional Module Two training prior to test.

Key points to remember:

  • Use good observation, planning and speed
  • Look early into junctions and use slow-control
  • Maintain progress and avoid unnecessary stopping
  • Don’t wait for big gaps for you and the examiner

Candidates are also advised to ride for themselves, as if not being followed by an examiner. It is the examiner’s responsibility to keep-up with the test candidate.

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