Cornering & bends instructor tips for MOD 2 motorcycle test

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Motorcycle cornering & bends

Apply the brakes before cornering

Novice riders must approach motorcycle cornering and bends with care, plus good forward observation of road signs and visual clues. Lamp-posts, telegraph pylons and tree-lines can be used to assess a corners severity. Road surface, camber and and other hazards must be taken into account. Candidates should slow down on approach and adopt an appropriate speed and gear.

On approach apply the brakes before motorcycle cornering, but not during the corner itself. Never use the front brake whilst the bike is leaning over or cornering! If needing to slow down whilst cornering, this should be done by closing the throttle and with light use of the rear brake only.

Novice riders should remain in the centre of the lane

The examiner wants to see candidates riding at the correct speed before motorcycle cornering and not braking in bends. Novice riders should remain in the centre of the lane, but can if required move to avoid a hazard in the road, whilst keeping away from the oncoming traffic i.e. if there were a manhole cover or debris in the middle of the lane.

Key points to remember:

  • Adjust speed before reaching a bend
  • Adopt the correct gear before the corner
  • Avoid braking in a corner, especially the front brake

Professional motorcycle training and practice are recommended to help master cornering (including counter steering). Candidates must fully understand these skills before taking their Module Two test.

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