Normal motorcycle stop position (MOD 2 test tips)

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Normal stop position

If or when safe to do so

To assess ‘normal stop position’, the examiner will ask the candidate to pull over and stop several times during the Module Two test. A key part of the instruction given will always be ‘if or when safe to do so’. Candidates should not feel pressured to stop straight away and should always put safety first.

Ideally, candidates should pull over on a straight section of road, but not close to or opposite a junction or bus stop. Bends should also be avoided, as should the base or brow of a hill, along with driveways and yellow or red painted lines.

A safe normal stop position requires effective indication

Key points to remember:

  • Stop on a straight road
  • Do not stop opposite a hazard
  • Stop where there is a raised kerb
  • Only pull over and stop when safe to do so
  • Think ahead and about pulling away, when looking for a safe place to stop

A safe normal stop position also requires effective indication, observation, planning, left-of-lane positioning towards the kerb and slow-control skills. Candidates must remember that an instruction to stop will always be followed by an instruction to pull away safely (after the stop has been carried out). Both manoeuvres have the potential for minor and major faults.

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