Motorcycle safety tips for pedestrian crossings (MOD 2 test)

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Pedestrian crossings - MOD 2 bike test

Pedestrian crossings are for pedestrians to cross roads in safety

Candidates must understand the various types of pedestrian crossings. These include: zebra, toucan, pelican, puffin and pegasus crossings, along with ‘safe havens’ and manned situations i.e. children’s crossings under the control of a school crossing patrol, traffic warden or police officer.

An awareness of local test routes and a knowledge of the types of pedestrian crossings that may be encountered is a good idea. This, along with professional instruction on how to approach various crossings, can be covered by booking Module Two guidance with a local motorcycle training school. The important thing to remember is pedestrian crossings are for pedestrians to cross roads in safety.

Candidates should anticipate people’s actions

Key points to remember:

  • Always stop at a zebra crossing if someone is waiting to cross
  • If approaching traffic light controlled crossings expect the lights to change, if someone is waiting
  • Toucan, puffin, pelican and pegasus crossings are all controlled by traffic lights

Candidates should anticipate people’s actions and adopt a low enough speed to stop safely. Care should be taken where street furniture, parked or queuing vehicles are obscuring a crossing. Consideration should be extended to elderly and infirm pedestrians who may take longer to cross. Failure to stop (if required to do so) at pedestrian crossings will result in a test fail.

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