Road positioning

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Road positioning

Road positioning that ensures the safest route

Alongside judgement, road positioning is also assessed by the MOD 2 examiner, who will want to see road positioning that ensures the safest route. Positioning requires good observation, ongoing planning and adjustments in respect to other vehicles, the road surface, weather conditions, visibility, junctions and the road ahead.

Novice riders taking a Module Two Test need only use three positions. These are: central (neutral), left-hand side of lane and right hand side of lane. Choosing a central position makes the rider more visible to other road users plus gives more room for adjustment, where in the event of rider error, there is room to recover.

Crucial to all judgement is good all-round observations

Key points to remember:

  • Ride centrally in the lane
  • Move left to turn left – use the left wheel track
  • Move right to turn right – use the right wheel track
  • A wheel track is where car tyres would normally be

Road positioning to the right or left may be required to avoid a hazard on the road surface; to steer clear of a developing hazard involving other vehicles; to assert intentions on the road when signalling; to maintain a dominant road position or to maximise rider visibility to road users ahead. Always position for safety.

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