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Use of speed & speed limits

The examiner will be assessing compliance with speed limits

In conjunction with understanding road signs and road markings, the examiner will be assessing compliance with speed limits. A wide variety of speed limits will be encountered from 20 mph speed limits, that may be in force near schools, up to national speed limits of 70 mph on dual carriageways.

Whilst the examiner will expect candidates to make appropriate progress, speed limits must not be viewed as ‘speed targets’. The examiners assessment of a student’s ‘use of speed’ primarily relates to road safety.

Obstructions are common on MOD 2 test routes

Road surface, weather conditions and traffic flow all have a bearing, as does riding experience and motorcycle familiarity. Candidates must travel at speeds that are appropriate to the road conditions and their own ability, whilst not breaking any speed limits. Failure to observe speed limits and/or riding at speeds that exceed rider ability will likely result in a test fail.

Key points to remember:

  • Always observe speed limits
  • Do not see speed limits as ‘speed targets’
  • Do not ride at speeds that exceed ability
  • Too much speed equals less time to react

“The examiner isn’t looking for a fast ride, just an appropriate and safe speed for the prevailing conditions.” – Russell Binns, Motorcycle Instructor & Advanced Rider (IAM & RoSPA)

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