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additional mod 2 training exercises & tips

Throughout the MOD 2 test, riders must use good all-round observation to read, understand and respond appropriately to road signs. To this end, a good understanding of the Highway Code will pay dividends. The use of motorcycle stands and returning to the test centre – whilst seeming insignificant, can trip candidates up, even when everything else has gone well. Take a moment to read these sections. Then, on successful completion of MOD 2, three important subjects include: taking the first independent road ride, the importance of further motorcycle training and rider responsibility. See below for some additional MOD 2 training and instructor tips.

Motorcycle stands

Use of stands
Safe use of motorcycle stands is a skill & requires special care, plus consideration of road surface, camber & the surroundings. [more]

Independent ride

Independent ride
The MOD 2 10 minute independent ride take one of two forms & assesses safe riding whilst making independent decisions. [more]

Further training

Further motorcycle training
Gaining a full motorcycle licence is just the start. Ongoing motorcycle training, all the way to advanced is vital. [more]

Road signs

Response to signs
Riders must study the Highway Code & develop a good knowledge of road signs & how to respond on a motorcycle. [more]

Return to test centre

Return to DVSA MOD 2 test centre
With the MOD 2 test nearly complete, there is still room for error and a test fail when returning to the test centre. [more]

Rider responsibility

Take responsibility - motorcycle road safety
Rider responsibility is key to reducing the number of motorcycle accidents on UK roads, that and ongoing training. [more]

Traffic lights

Traffic lights
Traffic light controlled junctions require good observation, planning, judgement, effective use of speed & gears, plus anticipation. [more]

First road ride

First time on the road ride
Learning to ride actually starts here – post MOD 2 & the first independent road ride. Here are some safety tips. [more]

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