First motorcycle road ride

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First motorcycle road ride

Riders must anticipate the actions of others

Riding alone on a ‘big’ bike, perhaps on the first motorcycle ride (post MOD 2), can be daunting. New riders should at first plan short/ local journeys plus carry out motorcycle safety checks for every journey and wear full protective clothing.

Riders must take responsibility, anticipate the actions of others, ride defensively and keep their headlight on at all times. They should wear high visibility clothing, with priority given to being seen versus looking fashionable. Remember: engine on, lights on, ride on.

It all starts with the first motorcycle road ride

Inexperienced riders should think before every manoeuvre, junction and hazard, with habitual all-round observations and ‘lifesavers’. Care must be taken in rush hour traffic and reduced visibility. The weather must be considered, ensuring sufficient layers are worn to deal with the wet and cold. Rest and drink stops should be planned, with consideration of how fatigue and dehydration can affect rider safety.

New riders should be aware that brand new motorcycle clothing can be uncomfortable and can cause distractions. Gloves or boots that are too tight may feel sore. Becoming skilled with a new motorcycle requires practice and patience, so getting used to a bikes acceleration, braking and new controls is imperative. This all takes time and new riders should not see their motorcycle as a ‘new toy’ but should treat it and the roads with the utmost respect. This is all starts with the first motorcycle road ride.

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