Returning to the test centre after Module Two test (instructor tips)

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Returning to the test centre (MOD 2)

Remain vigilant when returning to the test centre

Back at the test centre the examiner will indicate where to park. There is still room for error so candidates must remain vigilant when returning to the test centre and until the motorcycle is safely parked, on its stand and with the engine turned off. The candidate will be invited into the test centre to debrief and will be offered the option of having their motorcycle instructor present. This is advisable as ‘minor’ or ‘major’ faults requiring further training needs can be communicated directly to the candidate and instructor.

No more than 10 rider faults are allowed

The examiner uses a marking sheet to highlight any faults and will seek candidate understanding on these to assert any safety issues. The examiner will solicit any further candidate feedback in case anything was not understood.

To ‘pass’ the test a candidate must have no more than 10 rider faults (referred to as ‘minors’), plus no ‘major’ faults, which would result in a ‘fail’. The examiner will issue a pass certificate and if a plastic ID card licence is held, will keep the old licence and offer for the new entitlement to be added and a new licence sent by post from the DVLA.

In the event of a ‘fail’, 10 working days must pass before a MOD 2 test retake is allowed.

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