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Responding to road signs on a motorcycle - MOD 2

Motorcycle road safety is underpinned by knowledge of road signs

To pass the Module Two test requires a good understanding of the Highway Code along with all road signs and road markings that are commonly encountered. Motorcycle road safety is underpinned by road sign knowledge, allowing riders to more effectively plan ahead and react to a variety of road hazards.

The examiner will constantly check the candidate’s response to road signs, road markings and speed limits by assessing their forward vision and subsequent responses. Examiners will also check for appropriate responses to traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, road traffic controllers (e.g. police officers and school crossing patrols) and various other aspects of the Highway Code.

Module Two candidates are advised to study the Highway Code

A poor, unsafe or inappropriate response to signs can result in both minor or major faults being recorded. Module Two candidates are advised to study the Highway Code.

Key points to remember:

  • Learn what all road signs mean
  • Understand the different painted road markings
  • Generally, more paint equals more danger
  • Know what to do at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
  • Respond safely and in plenty of time

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