Traffic lights – advice for motorcycle riders (MOD 2 test tips)

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Traffic lights - tips for motorcycle riders

There may considerations that are specific to a local area

Candidates are required to understand traffic lights, their sequence, how filter lights work, where ‘lifesavers’ and rear observations are vital, how to deal with cycle lanes, how to deal with congested junction exits and how to best position for traffic lights overall. There may also be traffic light considerations that are specific to a local area. Traffic light skills for the chosen test area are best learned by booking lessons with a local professional motorcycle training school.

A ‘lifesaver’ is often required when turning at traffic lights

Examiners look for good observation and planning when approaching traffic lights. They will want to see evidence of judgement, with anticipation of lights changing and appropriate use of speed and gears to safely maintain progress through traffic light controlled junctions. This judgement extends to rear observations on approach and avoiding stopping suddenly if the lights turn red because of poor forward vision and a lack of anticipation.

Key points to remember:

  • Always look well ahead
  • Anticipate the lights changing
  • Use good rear observations at all times
  • Position in the centre of the lane
  • Stop behind the solid white line
  • A ‘lifesaver’ is often required when turning at traffic lights
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