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Enhanced rider protection - when the worst happens

Motorcycle air vests and air jackets offer a higher level of personal protection, giving riders an extra insurance against the worst happening. For good reason, the market leader for motorcycle air vests is Helite. Their advanced technology body worn airbag protection system utilises ‘turtle technology’ – minimising whiplash injury, bringing protection to the spine and providing rigid protection to the body torso. There is a very good reason why a significant number of the UK’s police forces utilise the Helite Motorcycle Airvest to give their police motorcycle riders the essential extra protection that only a motorcycle air vest can give. [watch video]

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Video overview - Helite motorcycle air vest

The Helite motorcycle air vest (airbag) is worn over a riders normal motorcycle jacket – like a normal safety vest. The air vest is then attached to the motorcycle using a specially designed, flexible strap. If the rider falls or is thrown from the motorcycle, the strap linking the rider to the motorcycle activates a release pin, which results in the discharge of a small CO2 cartridge. The air vest then inflates, reaching full inflation in less than 0.1 seconds. The Helite motorcycle airvest is designed to absorb impact shock and to provide the neck, torso and spine with extra support – thus reducing the risk of spinal and other injuries.

Helite motorcycle air vests from Airvest UK

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