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Eyesight tests save lives!

It’s a shocking fact that poor eyesight is directly responsible for over 2800 casualties on UK roads every year and even more troubling to consider that an estimated 50,000 UK riders would fail a number plate test! Whilst simple eyesight checks are a formal aspect of motorcycle training, at VideoBiker we believe that responsible riders should invest regularly in a full opticians eyesight test. Recognising the fact that eyesight tests save lives –  VideoBiker has teamed up with Vision Express to encourage riders to take responsibility for their own eye health – starting with a free-of-charge eye test. [more]

Motorcycle riders get a free eyesight test at Vision Express

Register or login to get a free opticians eyesight test and other special offers at Vision Express. Taking a regular eye test is one of the simplest ways for responsible riders to improve their motorcycle road safety!

Current rider eyesight tests are not enough

The current ‘number plate system’ of testing a riders eyesight was first introduced in 1937. It’s fair to say that much has since changed. UK roads are exponentially more congested. Motorcycle performance is of a magnitude that may never have been imagined all those years ago, yet human performance remains as it was when Woolly Mammoths were still walking the highways. Is it any wonder then that so many road traffic accidents are attributed to poor vision and that thousands of motorists have their licence revoked each year on account of poor eyesight?

Would a better system be an opticians eyesight test as a compulsory aspect of applying for a provisional eyesight test, followed by mandatory eye tests every 10 years. Several road safety organisations advocate such a system. Yet, whilst it seems that change is long overdue, there is nothing to stop responsible riders from taking action on this jugular road safety issue by scheduling regular eyesight tests.

Motorcycle riders free eye test with Vision Express & VideoBikerRegister or login to access free motorcycle eye test vouchers and other Vision Express discounts. This offer is only available to registered VideoBiker members.

Vision Express benefits

The Vision Express motorcycle eye care initiative includes the following benefits:

Free eye test when spending £50
£30 off complete glasses or the current Vision Express national offer
3-months supply of soft disposable contact lenses (see note below)
10% off non prescription sunglasses
Additional vouchers for a friend or family member

Nb. Contact lens offer is subject to joining the Vision Express contact lens Direct Debit scheme (Complete Contact Care) and other terms and conditions apply.