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Protected ears = less rider fatigue

Ear protection is not just about limiting the damaging effects of long term exposure to wind noise. Effective ear protection is also an important aspect of motorcycle road safety, as sustained exposure to noise is known to significantly contribute to rider fatigue. Riders who ignore advice to protect their ears, will frequently experience short-term tinnitus, which is an obvious warning sign that damage is happening. Sustained avoidance of hearing protection is almost guaranteed to result in long-term hearing damage. [watch video]

Ultimate Ear is the UK market leader for custom-fit, moulded motorcycle ear plugs. Their motorcycle hearing protection systems (ear plugs) are more effective than off-the-shelf solutions and whilst a little more expensive, are 100% worth the investment.

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Video overview - Ultimate Ear hearing protection system

Safe motorcycle noise exposure timesAccording to research, above speeds of 40mph, the wind noise that is generated by airflow over a riders helmet can exceed the noise of the motorcycle itself. This helmet airflow noise then increases rapidly as a motorcycles speed increases and can often exceed 110 decibels at 70 mph.

Wind noise can also be influenced by motorcycle design and can sometimes be less with motorcycles that feature certain kinds of fairing and wind screens. That said, windscreens can also increase wind noise and naked motorcycles can often yield less helmet related wind noise. Certain brands of helmet are known to produce less wind noise and are therefore thought to reduce the likelihood of hearing damage. In all riding scenarios, a guaranteed way of reducing the impact of hearing damage is to wear hearing protection.

For motorcycle riders, custom moulded ear plugs are acknowledged as giving a rider the greatest levels of hearing protection. Ultimate Ear has long been recognised as UK’s leading provider of custom made, moulded ear plugs for bikers.

Ultimate Ear - highest quality motorcycle hearing protection ear plugs

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VideoBiker does not earn commission on this members discount offer, which has been negotiated on behalf of VideoBiker registered users with Ultimate Ear. Lesser hearing protection can be purchased here (without discount). Register or login for Ultimate Ear and other member only discounts.

Ultimate Ear - best motorcycle hearing protection available
Register or login for 10% discount on Ultimate Ear hearing protection for motorcycle riders. Lesser ear plugs can be purchased here (without discount).

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