Two decades of the best!

Arguably one of the best motorcycle training schools in the business – there are so many reasons why RMT Motorcycle Training today celebrate their 20th year. From humble beginnings, two decades ago, RMT has become recognised for delivering quality motorcycle training in the South Birmingham area, but with students also travelling from all corners of the UK to access several of the most respected and accomplished motorcycle instructors in the industry. [watch video]

No compromise on quality

RMT does not compete on price and a comment from Russell Binns, Training School Manager, reveals why – “to compete on price, is all too often to compromise on the quality of training delivered and in a training role where rider safety is our primary concern, competing on price is not a good move”.

Russell further explained RMT’s preferred instructor: student ratio of 1:2 and how this translates to higher pass rates, safer riders and a far more effective motorcycle training experience. In an industry where too many motorcycle training schools have lost ground to economic pressure and industry change over recent years, it’s easy to see why the RMT model has stood the test of time, resulting in thousands of students trained to the highest standards.

Making dreams come true

Head Instructor and RMT Founder, Simon Hayes added, “To all our supporters over these two decades, you make it all worthwhile – come rain, shine, wind, cold, drizzle, hail, ice, snow – you never fail to bring a smile and the satisfaction we experience at RMT, making other people’s dreams come true, is amazing.”

With 100’s attending, RMT’s birthday celebration was a great day for all concerned, resulting in over £500 raised in aid of a Prostate Cancer Fund through donations at the events BBQ. Throughout the day, local top musician and singer/song writer Dan Greenaway entertained RMT guests with his unplugged style and music spanning the decades. Local ‘celebrity’ IAM and RoSPA examiner, Marcus McCormick added to the days fun with an outstanding slow control course that challenged even the most seasoned riders. The sun shone, the crowds came out in support of RMT and the Rubicon Centre was full to overflowing with ever genre of motorcycle and proud motorcycle owner.

Here’s to the next twenty years

Following the days presentations, Simon further added, “To the RMT team – you are the best this industry has. It’s because of your dedication that RMT Motorcycle Training is the success that it is. From CBT, through MOD One, MOD Two and Advanced training, this training schools instructors are the very best in the business and I’m proud of every single one of you and all we have achieved together. Here’s to the next twenty years.”

Probably one of the best motorcycle training schools in the UK!

RMT Motorcycle Training celebrates 20 years at the top