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Raising motorcycle training standards

MCIA RIDE is an MCIA initiative, that is raising motorcycle training standards throughout the UK. The ‘scheme’, whilst endorsed by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), is not compulsory. Approved Training Bodies (ATB’s) – more commonly referred to as Motorcycle Training Schools, can ‘volunteer’ to participate with the MCIA RIDE approval process. Successful MCIA RIDE approval results in the ‘award’ of  certification, with resulting ‘approvaln marks’, that can be displayed on corresponding websites and literature.

Motorcycle Industry Accreditation Centre (MCIAC) accredited training schools

Should learner riders use an MCIA RIDE approved training provider?

According to published statistics, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. It can also be said that riding a motorcycle demands considerably more skill and concentration – especially where motorcyclists ride to high defensive riding standards. Aside from the very real human consequences of motorcycle accidents, financial costs are considerable.

The fact is that not all motorcycle training schools work to the same high standards and until now, there has been no reliable or quantifiable way for learner riders to choose a motorcycle training school on the grounds of their published quality standards. Given that a new riders ability to ride safely, is underpinned by the quality and effectiveness of their motorcycle training ‘experience’, it’s not difficult to join the dots and suggest that learner riders should be mindful of choosing their motorcycle training school with care.

That said, whilst MCIA RIDE approval allows a learner rider to be better informed in their choice of an Approved Training Body (ATB), it is also important to point out that a great many motorcycle training schools already deliver at the highest industry standards and should not be automatically ‘marked down’ where MCIA RIDE approval has yet to be gained.

MCIAC accredited motorcycle training school - RMT Motorcycle Training

Should learner riders buy cut price motorcycle training?

In recent years, it seems that growing numbers of motorcycle training schools have chosen to compete on price – resulting in novice riders ‘shopping around’ for the best deal on their Compulsory Basic Training or other motorcycle training course. Alongside this, some schools have been forced to increase their student-to-learner ratios to compensate. In the scheme of motorcycle safety and quality training, none of this is good news. The fact is that quality training does not go hand-in-glove with cheap or cut price deals. It’s more likely that the opposite is true and that higher prices, will often be an indication of higher quality training.

It’s valid therefore that MCIA RIDE literature and press releases, are all drawing learner riders attention to price considerations and many other potential ways of assessing the quality and effectiveness of a motorcycle training schools ‘offering’.

Overview of MCIA RIDE approval process

MCIA RIDE updates