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KTM 125 Duke

There is a very good reason why we opted for a KTM 125 Duke in all of the Learners Academy videos – safety! This outstanding 125 cc motorcycle set a new safety standard back in 2013 by being the first in the ‘125 cc’ class to boast ABS. Our head instructor took the opportunity to fully test the bikes 300 mm diameter front disc brake during a mock CBT and found it impossible to lock the brakes – even during a full emergency stop. Even in 2016, ABS is mostly a standard feature reserved for larger motorcycles, so this really is a good sign of KTM’s commitment to safety in the learner market.


Aside from best-in-class brakes, we also liked the ‘larger bike feel’ of the KTM 125 Duke. The seating position is upright and neutral, which is excellent for new riders, but not to the detriment of the bikes superb handling. The combination of ultralight steel frame, outstanding WP suspension, short wheel base and steep fork rake – ensure the Duke has outstanding cornering ability.

The dashboard is sleek and well designed. Importantly, the mirrors are well positioned and give a very good field of vision to the rear. Acceleration is surprisingly responsive for 11 kW and the six-speed gear box is smooth and precise. A very good looking motorcycle, with top marks for safety and a perfect first bike for learner motorcyclists who have just passed their CBT.