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Unique VHF motorcycle tracking & stolen motorcycle recovery

With over £8m worth of motorcycles stolen each month, at a rate of 60 per day in the UK – it makes sense for a rider to take the best possible anti-theft and tracking measures. Whilst the Datatag Master Scheme has had a significant positive impact in thwarting motorcycle crime, increasing numbers of motorcyclists are bolstering ‘hard security’ with the addition of app based tracking solutions. At the premium end of motorcycle tracking is TRACKER and it’s patented VHF signal jamming proof solutions. Versus some GPS/GSM solutions, TRACKER is unaffected by signal jamming and remains viable even when a stolen motorcycle is concealed in a vehicle, container or building. On top of this, TRACKER VHF tracking solutions are supported by all UK police forces and are associated with high levels of stolen motorcycle recovery.    

Tracker monitor

TRACKER Monitor uses patented technology to alert a motorcycle owner if their motorcycle is moved with the ignition turned off. This VHF solution enables faster activation and recovery when a motorcycle is stolen. 

TRACKER Monitor VHF motorcycle tracking solution

Tracker Retrieve

Tracker Retrieve was specially developed to protect infrequently used ‘assets’ without draining the battery. This unit is easy to fit and does not need to be wired into a motorcycle.

TRACKER Retrieve battery powered VHF motorcycle tracking

Frequently asked questions

  • The Tracker VHF system is small and can be installed covertly. It is also installed within the body of the motorcycle, rendering it ‘out-of-sight’. Whilst some companies suggest it’s good for such a device to be visible, in practice its best that a VHF tracker cannot be seen as it is then less likely to be tampered with.

  • TRACKER VHF devices have a robust battery back-up allowing them to self-power should a fitted motorcycle battery be disconnected or run flat. Under normal motorcycle use a Tracker battery would be expected to last for three years.

  • It’s best to check the small print for each device as different TRACKER units provide either partial or full European VHF tracking coverage. In particular, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg have only partial VHF tracking. However, TRACKER’s sister companies in these countries can locate stolen vehicles using digital VHF tracking.

  • Significantly – VHF tracking can normally locate a stolen motorcycle even if it is hidden in a lock-up, van, shipping containing or underground car park. Under the same circumstances, GPS tracking devices would usually be ineffective.

  • VHF tracking is significantly more effective than standard GPS tracking services. Firstly, many GPS tracking solutions are rendered increasingly less effective by increasingly larger physical barriers i.e. GPS can be rendered ineffective simply by ‘hiding’ a tracked motorcycle in a van, on a container or inside a building. Secondly, thieves are less bothered by GPS tracking as GPS signals are easy and cheap to block, whereas VHF radio signals are significantly harder to deal with.

  • Before investing in stolen motorcycle tracking, it is important to understand the difference between tracking and stolen motorcycle recovery. Tracker is the only nationwide tracking solution in the UK to be ‘operated’ by the police and as such, offers a stolen vehicle recovery service that is far more likely to result police intervention. With many tracking solutions, whilst an app will inform a motorcycle owner that their bike has been moved, the police are far less likely to become involved.

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Tracker VHF motorcycle tracking

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