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Despite significant developments in both rider safety and training standards, motorcycle accident statistics remain disprortionately high. Of greater concern than the 20,000 plus accidents that occur each year in the UK are the common denominators, of which a significant percentage can be attributed to rider error.

For this to improve riders must take 100% responsibility for their own safety, visibility and training. Facts are facts and the truth is that significant numbers of motorcycle accidents are avoidable. A vision to reduce serious accidents is the underpinning philosophy of VideoBiker. The goal is to help riders to ‘keep it on the black stuff’ and to influence this through video based training resources that both complement and enhance instructor-led motorcycle training.

VideoBiker is the UK’s first and only 100% video based motorcycle training resource. With a focus on learner (CBT), Direct Access, Module One and Module Two, online memberships give convenient access to over 150 videos and a wealth of other motorcycle training resources.