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Dr Ian Mew is a Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive care, with responsibilities as a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and Motorcycle Critical Care Doctor with Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. In addition, Ian is Medical Advisor to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Police and works in partnership with Dorset Police, Dorset BikeSafe and Biker Down as the UK’s first Motorcycle Emergency Response Trauma Doctor (DocBike project). In this role, Ian has the opportunity to deliver fast response life saving skills to the roadside and to reduce motorcycle accidents through rider education. Ian teaches emergency first aid on behalf of Biker Down and is significantly involved with Dorset BikeSafe.

Dr Ian Mew - Critical Care Doctor @ DocBike

Dr Ian Mew

Air Ambulance Critical Care Doctor
Medical Advisor to Dorset Police

Police rider qualified Doctor

In his DocBike role, Dr Ian Mew rides a ‘retired’ Police BMW R1200. As part of their BikeSafe scheme, the motorcycle is managed by Dorset Police and whilst retaining it’s former emergency lights and equipment, has been re-badged with official Doctor and DocBike badges. 

Ensuring Ian’s riding skills are of the standard required to ride a motorcycle ‘on’ blue lights has been the responsibility of PC Chris Smith. With over 20 years experience as a Police Rider and ten years as a Police Riding Instructor, Chris has provided the instruction required to help Ian to pass the Standard Response Motorcycle Course. Chris is also co-founder of the Dorset DocBike project.

VideoBiker is delighted to welcome Ian to the Advisory Panel, where his passion for improving motorcycle safety and knowledge of motorcycle trauma care will be invaluable. Ian offers a highly informed and qualified view on the real-life accident significance of wearing the correct motorcycle clothing and of what can happen when riders fail to do so. His comments and observations on motorcycle personal protective equipment (PPE) are featured in relevant VideoBiker Academy fact-sheets. 

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