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Answered all my questions

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Module Two Academy review - Panayiotis Vorgias-Turnball

VideoBiker answered all my questionsName: Panayiotis Vorgias-Turnball
Job: Student
Type of riding: Daily transport
VideoBiker course: MOD2 Academy
Latest motorcycle training: Module Two

Before my Module One test I was not as prepared as I should have been and whilst the motorcycle training course was the initial step that was needed to pass the test, it was VideoBiker that helped me to ensure that I really knew what I was doing. It answered all of my questions and I really liked the convenience of everything being easily available on my phone and being able to watch the videos whenever and wherever I wanted. Being able to watch the videos several times – to repeat and replay was really valuable.

I would 100% recommend VideoBiker to anyone who is either looking to start their bike training or is already midway through their training. If I had known about VideoBiker before starting my Module One, I would have passed the test much easier and would have known exactly what I was stepping into, rather than going in ‘blind’. I’m happy to have passed both my Module One and Module Two – and I can’t thank the guys at VideoBiker enough. Thank you!