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Found that key information was sticking

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VideoBiker review - Kenneth Topley

Kenneth Topley - motorcycle training video testimonialName: Kenneth Topley
Job: Freelance Lighting Technician
Next bike: Triumph Bonneville T100
Type of riding: Pleasure & commuting
VideoBiker course: Module One, Module Two
Latest motorcycle training: Module Two

VideoBiker has been an invaluable tool in helping me to understand the correct and safe procedures for learning to ride a motorcycle. Their clear instruction helped me to better learn what was needed to ride safely and by watching them several times, I found that key information was sticking and becoming an effective part of my riding.

The benefits to me have been tremendous. Every aspect of learning to ride, from the very basics to mock tests are covered in minute detail. By watching the videos repeatedly, the information became part of my ‘muscle memory’ so that when on the bike, everything seemed to fall into place.

Personally, I most liked the Module Two mock test videos. I found that by watching them repeatedly, the correct information was ‘drilled-in’ and I then found that I was automatically able to ride in the manner required to successfully pass the test. Watching the VideoBiker videos also helped to relieve my nerves, as I knew exactly what to expect and consequently, there were no surprises on test day.

I honestly can’t think of anything that isn’t covered. The only suggestion I have is that anyone learning to ride a motorcycle and wanting to pass their motorcycle tests, should not hesitate to sign up to Videobiker.