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VideoBiker review - Marcus McCormick

Marcus McCormick - VideoBiker reviewName: Marcus McCormick
Job: RoSPA & IAM Examiner
Rides: BMW S1000 RR
Type of riding: Professional rider
VideoBiker course: Evaluated Advanced Academy
Latest motorcycle training: Advanced

I’ve been riding professionally, at advanced levels for most of my career. With 24 years as a police motorcyclist and 10 years as a police motorcycle instructor, I’ve witnessed most things and know only too well that the value of ongoing motorcycle training is too often side-lined – perhaps because of a rider’s inaccurate perception of their own skills and no untoward incidents and sometimes owing to lack of finance or a view that performance parts will give better value or more fun for the money than investing in skills enhancement.

Conversely, alongside my role at BikeSafe and as an examiner with RoSPA and IAM RoadSmart, I’m increasingly reminded that the most effective performance addition to any bike, is in fact, an investment in the rider.

That is why I am greatly encouraged to see modern, up-to-date, convenient, digital training resources being introduced to the motorcycle training sector and why I am very happy to be introducing Simon Hayes and VideoBiker to you via this audio.

I’ve trained alongside Simon for a great many years. He is amongst the most experienced motorcycle trainers in the industry and is exceptionally skilled at helping riders of all levels to improve both their riding and road safety.

Take full advantage of all that this fantastic resource offers. The free audio courses are exceptional. The full academy’s take things to the next level and in keeping with the VideoBiker mission – stay safe, never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly and Keep it on the black stuff.