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Confidence in myself & the motorcycle

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Module One test confidence - boosted

Confidence with motorcycle & Module One U-turnName: Marie Hayne
Job: Company Director
Type of riding: Commuting & pleasure
VideoBiker course: MOD1 Academy
Latest motorcycle training: Module Two

I recently passed my Module One motorcycle test and today, went on to pass the Module Two component. So, now I’m qualified, can take the ‘L’ plates off and ride a motorcycle on my own.

Being a company director and heavily involved in delivering training, I wanted to be confident in my chosen motorcycle instructor. That’s difficult, because how as novice riders can we assess how good or otherwise an instructor is? VideoBiker allowed me to thoroughly prepare and to know what to expect during motorcycle training. It also gave me the confidence I needed in my motorcycle instructor – who mentored me through to successful outcomes with both tests.

I’m generally a confident person, but certain aspects of motorcycle training (particularly Module One), resulted in some ‘novice rider nerves’. I was at all times reassured by the instructor, but it was being able to repeatedly watch the VideoBiker videos that further enhanced my confidence – both in myself and in respect of what the motorcycle could do.

Specifically, I was feeling concerned about the Module One U-turn. Having time to practice at the test centre was important, but critically for me – watching the U-turn and other slow-control videos – over and over again, at my own pace, without any pressure and in the comfort of my own home, was what I needed. VideoBiker is a comprehensive training tool, packed with novice rider resources and it gets my vote all day long.