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VideoBiker review - Paul Barrett

Name: Paul Barrett
Job: Motorcycle Training Instructor
Rides: Honda Super-Blackbird
Type of riding: Professional & touring
VideoBiker course: Evaluation (all)
Latest motorcycle training: RoSPA Advanced

VideoBiker is an excellent instruction enhancing tool for all candidates, whether at CBT, Test or Advanced level. It boosts their understanding, plus heightens their expectations of what is required from both themselves and whichever motorcycle training school they use.

The site offers comprehensive CBT, MOD1 and MOD2 training resources, with easy to follow explanation and demonstration. Point-of-view videos show real-time/realistic traffic and junction scenarios that massively enhance board presentations.

The fact that my novice riders can watch the videos at their own pace and as many times as needed, is complimentary to both my training, candidate understanding and their safety. To date, my experience of VideoBiker is that it better prepares my candidates prior to their practical training courses, with a higher probability of a first-time pass.